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Statement: This Campaign has been Transparent from the Beginning

My opponent, Rep. Angie King, has recently pushed legislation allowing cross-party protests of primary candidates, clearly aiming to tilt the scales in favor of her allies. This move comes after her close associates attempted to contest my certification, hoping to secure an uncontested race. While their efforts failed due to legal constraints, Rep. King is now pushing for laws that would facilitate such challenges in the future.

Moreover, Rep. King and her supporters have resorted to repeatedly mentioning my past arrest and tax debts, insinuating deception. To set the record straight, nearly 20 years ago, I was arrested due to a residency dispute related to my candidacy for a town council position. The case was eventually dropped. This information was included in my initial campaign announcement. Regarding tax debts, I've had two instances: one stemming from an oversight in state taxes after a severance package, and another discovered recently, likely due to an employer's failure to withhold city taxes. One debt has been paid for some time, while the other is being actively resolved.

While Rep. King claims her recent bill aims to ensure transparency, the fact that her supporters were able to uncover this information without resorting to my deadname proves otherwise. I refuse to allow my past to be used against me; my focus remains on fighting for struggling, working-class families, undeterred by mudslinging tactics. Their desperation only highlights the lack of substantive policy solutions from Rep. King and her camp.

Arienne Childrey

P.S. If you're digging for more dirt, here's a helping hand. I've smoked pot pre-legalization, drank before I was of legal age, dated a girl before I came out, lived with my husband pre-marriage, used to be a right-wing Republican, and proudly identify as an atheist and secular humanist... Have fun with that!

Below: The original campaign announcement statement from September 10th, 2023

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