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Human Rights/Civil Rights/Equality

  • Support the Ohio Fairness Act and will fight for it's passage.

  • Support reproductive freedom.

  • Oppose anti-LGBTQ legislation - including trans bathroom bans, gender affirming care bans, drag bans and etc.

  • Oppose any legislation that further marginalizes Ohio's minority communities.

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  • Repeal the voucher scam that steals taxpayer dollars from public schools, and gives it to unaccountable private schools.

  • Increase school funding and teacher salaries.

  • Restore the autonomy of the Ohio Board of Education.


Economy & Unions

  • Expand broadband access into the 84th district.

  • Strengthen unions - no on any bill the limits collective bargaining abilities. 

  • Address the rising cost of utility services.

  • Expand solar and wind power, to supplement fossil fuel, lower cost and bring in union jobs.

  • Support a living wage for all Ohio workers.

  • Ensure the wealthiest in our state pay their fair share - tax cuts for the poor and middle-class, not the CEO's.


Ohio Families

  • Fund community drug intervention programs, to address the drug epidemic.  

  • Address Ohio's Elder Care crisis.

  • Pass common-sense gun reform legislation; including universal background checks.

  • Pass comprehensive housing reforms, including banning source of income discrimination, ending three-day eviction and enacting non-discrimination protections for gender identity and orientation.



  • Pass HB 285, to establish nursing staffing standards for hospital.

  • Pass SB 61 to cap insulin at $35.

  • Increase funding for the Ohio Department of Aging for in-home care, direct care staff and greater oversight nursing home facilities.


Government & Accountability

  • Support an independent, citizen-led redistricting commission

  • Restore nonpartisan judicial elections for the Ohio Supreme Court.

  • Hold regular townhall events in each county of the district, to provide legislative updates and give constituents an opportunity to voice concerns.

  • Introduce legislation to place independent candidates on an equal footing with major party candidates, including signature requirements for candidacy petitions.

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