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Statement: Biden Nomination

I would like to address the ongoing discussion regarding President Joe Biden's continuation as the Democratic nominee. I am firmly in support of President Biden remaining our nominee for several reasons.

Firstly, President Biden has delivered significant results for the American people. He has guided the nation through a challenging recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, stood steadfastly with union workers, and successfully created approximately 14.8 million jobs since taking office. Notable achievements include signing the PACT Act, passing a historic $1.2 trillion investment in infrastructure, and capping insulin costs at $35 per month for seniors.

Secondly, I believe President Biden represents our best opportunity to defeat Donald Trump in November and safeguard democracy for future generations. At this critical juncture, no greater threat to democracy exists than a second Trump administration. The groundwork laid by Project 2025 threatens the very fabric of American democracy, and I believe Trump would exploit this to its fullest if re-elected.

While I look forward to a future where a younger generation leads our nation, the time to change the 2024 ticket has passed. We are faced with a choice between two older candidates: one a flawed yet decent and effective leader, and the other who would endanger democracy for personal gain. That flawed but decent candidate is Joe Biden, and I will proudly vote for him in November.


Arienne Childrey

Democratic Candidate for Ohio House

84th District

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