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Press Release - Republican Effort to Remove Arienne from the Ballot

I was made aware of the letter of protest submitted by Mercer GOP Chairman Hibner, yesterday evening, through a reporter for the Daily Standard.  I would note that the name change provision is not included in the Candidate Guide issued by the Secretary of State’s office, nor any of the other paperwork or forms.  In fact, had I known of this provision and tried to comply - which I certainly would’ve, my legal name and deadname simply could not have fit in the space provided on the candidacy documents.

I can’t help but wonder how many Ohio politicians - those who have changed their names due to divorce or other reasons - have served out their entire terms without this ever being an issue.

This effort to remove trans candidates, due to an obscure law, comes at a time when the General Assembly has ramped up efforts to use their role in government to wage an outright attack on the LGBTQ+ community.  Across the state, former Rep. Steve Kraus has been approved for certification to run for office, despite his 2015 felony conviction … Yet trans candidates are removed, or threatened with removal, for not deadnaming ourselves.

I entered this race to fight for the people of the 84th district and to fight against the rising tide of hatred in our district and our state.  Regardless of the outcome of this hearing, I will continue that fight. 

Arienne Childrey

Still Fighting for the 84th District of Ohio

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