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Introducing our Campaign Manager

"To make a real difference, a campaign needs a strong support team. Kristina was the first to eagerly jump into this campaign, and since that moment has been a dedicated advocate, organizer and spokesperson. I consider myself truly blessed to have her as not only my campaign manager but also as a dear friend." - Arienne Childrey

Introducing Kristina Braun-Donley, the adept manager for the Arienne Childrey campaign. A native of Lima, Ohio, Kristina's journey spans Columbus, Florida, and, as of 2021, she proudly calls Celina, Ohio, home.

With a diverse background in nursing, healthcare, operations management, quality assurance, and risk management, Kristina brings a wealth of skills to the campaign. Married since 2010 to a fellow Celina resident, she is a devoted parent to an 11-year-old child. Join us in supporting Kristina as she channels her expertise and commitment to community welfare in this important campaign.

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