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Childrey running to unseat Angie King

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

East Side Daily News (Cleveland) - Arienne Childrey is running to replace Angie King as State Representative for the 84th district.

Childrey is a Virginia native, the daughter of a coal miner, and a waitress.

She has lived in the district for the last decade. For 22 years, Childrey has worked in the retail industry. She knows the struggles of those living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Childrey jumped into the race after seeing Rep. Angie King, the current representative, protest outside the community's local Pride event. Following her protest, she introduced HB 245 which would criminalize and ban public drag performances. One wonders if King will be protesting outside the Cleveland Playhouse performance of the Broadway musical "Mrs. Doubtfire" which opens in January.

King was joined in her protest by the Aryan Brotherhood. Both King and the Aryan Brotherhood were protesting a Pride event. As a representative of the taxpayers of Ohio, one would hope that Rep. King would have been protecting the rights of her constituents.

Childrey is fighting for the rights of all Ohioans. She believes that ALL citizens deserve to be represented.

As state representative, she will focus on policies that make the lives of the working poor and middle class better.

Childrey will focus legislation on housing insecurity. Too many Ohioans are faced tough decisions such as trying to figure out how to keep the lights on, or wondering how they’ll put food on the table.

Childrey has faced those decisions. She has been through those tough days.

She is a strong supporter of unions. She knows that through their efforts, America's middle class has been able to earn a living wage.

She is running to support strong public education and trade schools, economic expansion into the district, addressing the eldercare crisis and addressing Ohio’s drug abuse epidemic. All of these issues have been virtually ignored, as her opponent focuses on culture war battles that do nothing to improve the lives of everyday Ohioans.

Childrey is reaching out to citizens all across the state of Ohio because the actions of one legislator can impact us all. You may not live in the district, you may not be able to vote in this race, but bills that either I or my opponent put forward will have a direct impact on all Ohioans.

After all, HB 245 wouldn’t just ban drag in the 84th district. It would all but shut down Pride events in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The Bill essentially squashing the free speech and expression rights of a group of Ohioans.

Democrat, Republican or Independent; we all deserve a voice in our state legislature. Together we can make Ohio a better place to live for all our citizens.

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