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Arienne Childrey to run for House of Representatives

The Evening Leader 28 Dec 2023 By BRENT MELTON Staff Reporter:

The Ohio House of Representatives 84th District will have a contested race come election time as Arienne Childrey has thrown her hat into the ring. Childrey will be running as a Democrat while facing incumbent first-term Republican Representative Angie King.

“Regardless of how you feel about me or Angie, I think people deserve to have options, otherwise, we’re not having elections and we’re having coronations,” said Childrey.

Childrey was born in the coal country of Virginia before eventually settling in Ohio.

“I am the daughter of a quarry worker who became a coal miner. Momma was a waitress who was a substitute teacher as well,” said Childrey. When Childrey was a teenager, she lived in Columbus for a time before moving back home, eventually taking care of her ailing grandmother.

Read the full story in the 12/28/23 edition of The Evening Leader 

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