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Arienne Childrey begins campaign for Angie King's Ohio House seat meeting voters in Celina

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

CELINA, OH (WLIO - Bethany Ulrick) - A democratic candidate running for Angie King's 84th district seat in the Ohio House of Representatives met with voters to discuss her platform on Saturday. 

Arienne Childrey held a drop-in meet in greet with voters to for a soft launch to her campaign. As an openly transgender woman, Childrey looks to improve civil rights in Ohio for the LGBT community. 

She adds that while rights for minorities are important to her platform, there needs to be more focus in the state government, there needs to be more focus on kitchen table issues that impact everyone. She is in favor of stronger unions, dedicating more legislation to fighting poverty, and taking a closer look at school choice policies. 

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